Cycle Servicing Information


Our standard service (details below) includes a comprehensive inspection of your bike. Any additional service procedures, either required or recommended, will be identified as part of this process, and notified to you prior to collection. Should you authorise any such additional works, they will be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This approach to servicing gives the majority of our customers the best value for money and the information to make sensible decisions about the care and maintenance of their bike. If however, you have specific servicing requirements, we can of course accommodate those too. Maybe you have purchased a used bike and don't know it's history, want a bike race-prepared for a specific event, or prefer to have your bike periodically stripped back to the bare frame, checked, cleaned and rebuilt for your peace of mind - we can do that. Just ask.

A detailed report of all works completed, parts used and general cycle condition is provided along with every invoice.

Standard service items (parts charged extra):

  • Frame/forks/suspension checked for operation, damage and corrosion
  • All bearings checked and adjusted where possible (not disassembled/re-greased)
  • All bolts checked and adjusted to correct torque settings, as applicable
  • All cables lubricated, checked and replaced as necessary
  • Gears adjusted, including minor dérailleur hanger re-alignment
  • Brakes adjusted. Brake blocks/pads replaced as necessary
  • Brake levers and gear shifters lubricated and checked
  • Transmission components checked for wear and damage
  • Tyres inspected and inflated to correct pressure
  • Cycle undergoes road testing, if appropriate

Additional service items & procedures on request, or as advised by us:

  • Hydraulic brake servicing
  • Headset servicing
  • Bottom bracket servicing
  • Wheel bearing/hub servicing
  • Wheel truing
  • Transmission degreasing
  • Cleaning
  • Custom bike builds from scratch
  • Bike assembly from boxed
  • Bike boxing and courier service
  • Upgrades and customisations


If you have a problem with your bike and just want it fixed, we can help. We are happy to address one-off issues without booking a complete service. No job is too large or small.

We can supply:

  • Any new part, subject to availability
  • Many second-hand parts from stock
  • Some new and second-hand parts on a part-exchange basis
  • Most common service items from stock
  • Discounted new parts as advertised from time to time

We DO NOT currently perform:

  • In-house fork or shock servicing (we send your suspension units away to TF Tuned on request)
  • Headtube, bottom bracket or disc mount machining, reaming, chasing or re-facing
  • Re-tapping of threaded components (and/or 'Helicoiling')
  • Frame re-alignment, welding or repairs (including carbon)
  • Extracting/pressing some full-suspension main frame pivot bushings/bearings
  • Complete wheelbuilding

Charges and payment:

We charge £25 per hour labour, plus lubricants, cleaners & parts at our discretion up to the value of around £25. Additional items and repairs will be notified to the customer prior to any work being carried out, unless previously discussed.

A standard service will take approximately one hour, but this is only an indication. We could just say 'Prices from £5' like many other bike shops, but we simply charge for what needs to be done and no more.

We only accept cash for servicing.

Cycles will only be released upon payment in full. Turnaround is usually within 48 hours.

We reserve the right to wash and/or degrease your bike prior to service.

We cannot effectively service or repair your bike if it comes in to us covered in mud or road grime. At our discretion, we will wash your bike so that it can be properly inspected for damage and lubricated. Likewise, if your drivetrain is suffering from a build-up of old grease and oil, we will remove this prior to servicing or repair, using professional specialist degreasing agents. We will charge for both labour and cleaning products used.

We reserve the right to dispose of customer's property to clear outstanding debts after a period of 90 days.

Yes, surprisingly this does happen occasionally, and we simply cannot provide credit and free storage for customer's bikes forever. This is of course a last resort, and we will make every reasonable effort to reunite you with your bike. - 31 Howard Avenue, Burgess Hill, RH15 8TS - 01444 657658.

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