Project Spesh

The Speshal One

I couldn't help myself. It wasn't my fault. It was love at first sight, and although I needed another project like a hole in the head, there was never really a decision to be made, and a new build was born with the click of a button.

You'll see why soon enough, but I have to confess something else first. After purchasing this drop-dead gorgeous 2003 Specialized Enduro Expert FSR frame, my immediate thoughts were that Project Stinky would be terminated, giving up both its future, and the physical contents of its associated parts bin, before it had even been born.

The Stinky concept has actually taken on a life of its own though - sat at the back of the workshop, patiently waiting its turn as a continuous stream of bill-paying jobs passed through the XbikeX mill.

To kill it off as a project in its own right would have been a shame, so against my better judgement (no doubt) the two bikes will now be built in parallel, over the quieter (winter) months of the bike-sales year.

And so the Specialized project planning stage commences, and an initial list of parts is drawn up. I have decided to use many of the components previously allocated to the Stinky, but not all. Details will emerge as the dust settles, but in the meantime, the following snaps will hopefully justify this madness. Something, that if your interested enough to be reading this, will maybe strike a harmonic note of approval in your soul.



Now I think you understand.

If you still don't get it, then I've truly lost you. Turn over to ITV2+1. You're just in time for the reruns of The Only Way is Essex.

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