Burgess Hill Bike Park

Burgess Hill Bike Park - Episode 1

We will be closely following the construction of Burgess Hill's new-and-improved 'bike park' in this separate blog.

Regular visits to the site, progress reports, and lots of photos will hopefully document the emergence of this brand new facility - which sits alongside the old BMX track located between Freeks Lane and Bedelands Nature Reserve.

It might not be as large as the old BMX track, but it certainly packs a lot in, and although the accompanying 'Jump Track' was cut from the plans late-on due to budgetary constraints, hopes are that this will be added back into the mix in the near future. Jump tracks are often constructed by riders themselves, to provide exactly the thrills they're seeking, and it's hoped that impromptu workgangs will pop up to help with this once the main contractors have departed.

The site poses unique challenges in terms of construction, as it actually sits slap-bang on top of an old landfill site, so digging down to provide material for elevated jumps etc. isn't possible, and all such supplies will have to be brought onto site from elsewhere.

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